80% of Indians Gamble: Indian Online Casinos Are on the Rise

India’s iGaming has seen a major surge in the last few years. With time, the country is becoming the favourite destination for online gambling and sports betting. In 2019, the valuation of the industry was 62 billion Indian Rupees and online casinos have a significant contribution to this staggering figure. Fuelled by the large population of India and the advancement in technology in the country, the number has only increased. It is projected to reach as high as 250 billion Rupees in the coming decade. 

The competition between online gambling sites in India is fierce. It is estimated that 80% of the people in India gamble at least once a year. Hence, it is quite obvious that this type of pastime has been gaining popularity. 

The Industry of Gambling in India

The gambling industry has the potential to be profitable for the government of India. This is going to have a greater impact on the country’s economy. Moreover, if this industry has to be regulated and improvised, the casino might have been shut down, already. 

Gambling is legalized in India any time soon might still be a far-fetched dream. However, one thing is for sure, simply because online casinos are in the grey zone, it doesn’t mean that people should step back from enjoying them. Gambling has been around for ages and it is quite obvious that people want to be entertained this way. 

The Driving Forces behind Surge in Online Casinos in India

If you take history into account, India didn’t always lend itself to gambling. However, times are changing. The gambling laws in the country are quite vague. A few banks still frown when it comes to casino transactions but this hasn’t ceased gambling activities. 

  • Technology

India has made great improvements in the field of technology in the last decade. With time more and more people have access to an internet connection and mobile activity. The country now rivals several top nations globally in terms of technological advancement. In 2019, India’s mobile market will increase to 46.6 million smartphones while the total number of internet users is over 600 million. The increase in the use of mobile phones and affordable internet data has pushed online gambling to new heights. 

With more than 1.3 billion people staying in the country, the population of India has been the primary driving force behind the increase in online casinos. Surely, other factors such as improved payment systems and technological advancements have played their parts but the impact of it has been magnified by the population of the country. 

  • Indian-Targeted Casino Content

With time, more and more casinos are catering to the Indian gamblers. The casinos are making it easier for gamblers to make payments in Indian currency. So, they no longer have to wait to lose money to exchange rates and currency conversions. Online casinos are connecting with the Indian gamblers in different ways. A few providers are allowing players to browse the site in Hindi. Again, there are others that are including games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar in their game lobby. All these appeals to the Indian gamblers to a great extent. Not only do they get to try out games like blackjack but also enjoy their local favourite. 

  • More Convenient Payment Options

Other factors that have led to the growth of online gambling in India are the convenient payment system. Depositing or withdrawing money in an online casino in India hasn’t really been that easy as banks refuse to process gambling transactions. Nevertheless, things are much better than they used to be. By using e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller, Indian gamblers can now deposit money into their casino wallet. So, they don’t require the permission of the bank for processing the money. Also, with the introduction of UPI, it has become more convenient to send and receive money. With this, people can easily make payments to different merchants. 

The Future of Online Gambling in India

It is clear that the people from India love gambling, irrespective of what the government decides. So, it is evident that punters from India will keep accessing online casino games from online gambling sites, as they are doing at present. 

Players can enjoy in an online casino 24/7 and this is a convenient option. Also, they are quite easy to access. Gamblers can open it on their desktop or their mobile devices. So, they can have fun whenever and wherever they like. Playing from India, players don’t even have to miss out on the large bonuses. 

So, people will keep resorting to the casino for entertainment and as a means to make money.

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