Finding the Best Online Casino Bonus

No matter if it is a new casino or an old one every platform offers its punters casino bonuses to attract more and more customers. This is an excellent way to grab new players while retaining the old ones. Even for the gamblers, the bonuses are one of the top considerations when they are deciding where they should spend their money. 

Online casino bonuses are a win-win for the punters and the casinos. There are different types of them. Each bonus comes with its own pros and cons. So, choosing the right bonus might be a little trick. However, with this guide, it might be a little easier to choose one. 

First, let’s take a look at the different types of casino bonus offers.

Types of Online Casino Bonus

Welcome Bonus

One of the most common bonuses offered by the gambling site is known as the welcome bonus. It is also called the sign-up offer. Usually, they come in the form of a 100% match deposit bonus. However, there is a limit to the maximum amount you can win. 

When it comes to the welcome bonus, the percentage might vary from 50% to 500%. However, 100% is one of the most common offers. Anything that is above 200% has to be considered carefully since there might be a lot of restrictions when you have to cash out the bonus. 

You get the welcome bonus when you make the first deposit into the gambling site. At times, to claim the offer, you might have to use casino bonus codes or coupons. 

No Deposit Bonus

These are one of the best bonuses offered by gambling sites. To receive this, you don’t have to make a deposit into the site. Newer gambling sites tend to use this promotional offer to attract more punters to their site. 

However, you should not forget about the restrictions when it comes to the no deposit casino bonus. There are some casinos that will include a high wagering requirement or some other restrictions for reducing the level of abuse they might receive. It means if you are using this offer, you will have to deposit your own money prior to withdrawing the no deposit offer and your wins. 

Moreover, game restrictions might also be applicable. For instance, games that low house edge might not be included. 

Monthly Bonus

This is also known as reload or deposit offer. Some casinos also refer to it as the loyalty offer. Basically, you will receive a bonus on a monthly basis. A majority of the online gambling sites don’t publicize this but they do offer them to their loyal customers. 

Moreover, a majority of the sites will provide you with a monthly bonus based on the previous month’s activity. Usually, these offers are not as high as the welcome offers but it is primarily dependent on your activity. 

High Roller Bonus

There are some sites that like providing offers to punters who deposit more money and gamble more. These punters are called high rollers, whales, or VIPs. The casinos provide them with larger offers because of their higher deposits. Other than being offered these offers, you might also be able to win a ticket to a sports event. What you get basically depends on your activity at the site. 

Payment Method Bonus

Online casinos provide an extensive range of payment methods for you to deposit or withdraw money. This is mainly to encourage gamblers to use a specific payment method and offer an additional offer as a welcome bonus for using a certain payment method. However, these kinds of offers are not that common. Also, it is offered less and less for e-wallet solutions like Skrill and Neteller. 

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins offer seems to be growing in trend. They are also known as a bonus or extra spins. Most of the time than not, it comes with a wagering requirement and is provided to punters to try out a new or a special video slot. 

Refer a Friend Casino Bonus

This type of offer is not that common these days. Basically, you are going to receive a bonus when you refer a friend. This is a trick used by online gambling sites to get customers cheaply. 


This is the type of bonus that will return a part of your losses to you regularly. For instance, a site might give you a cashback on a weekly basis. You are going to receive a certain percentage of your loss when you take part in a cashback promotion. This is an excellent way to cut down your loss and stay in the game. 

This is free money that you can enjoy the games. However, the rules pertaining to this vary from one site to the other. 

Things to Know Before Using an Online Casino Bonus

A majority of the people choose an offer taking a look at the bonus amount they will receive. So, usually, they choose the one that will provide them with the highest amount. 

What gamblers tend to overlook are the terms and conditions that come with it. You have to understand that you will not get to withdraw the bonus simply from the bank account. It is basically borrowed money. Now, you can use the bonus for playing a casino game you prefer but you can directly withdraw them. 

So, what are the things that you consider when you choose a casino offer? 

Wagering Requirement

A wagering requirement is basically a set of rules that state the number of times you have to agree to offer money in order to withdraw it. A wagering requirement can be 5 times or 50 times. It means you will have to wager the money and then win it back. So, if the wagering requirement is 10, you will have to wager 10 times prior to withdrawing the offer money. 

However, lower is the wagering requirement, much easier it is for you to withdraw the money. So wagering it 20 times is a lot easier than wagering it 50 times. 

When you use an offer provided by a gambling site, you need to look for the lowest wagering requirement. 

Expiration Date

Checking the wagering requirement isn’t enough. Sure, 20x wagering is low enough but if you just have 7 days to cater to it. The longer is the expiration date of the offer, the easier it will be for you to fulfil the wagering requirement. 

The best expiration date is 30 days. This way you will have more time to complete your wagering requirement. There are a few gambling sites that will provide you more time. So, make sure that you check the expiration date when you use a bonus. 

Contributing Casino Games

The last thing that you need to take into account is the casino games that will contribute towards the wagering requirement. A few games contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement. However, there are other games that just contribute 10% or 50%. 

Most of the time than not, slot machines contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement but the card games will just contribute 10%. This is because the slot machines tend to be more predictable when it comes to gambling sites. The casinos know how gambling sites are going to perform. Moreover, the punters will not really be able to change the result of the amount of money the slot machine will be able to payout. This is not the case with card games as it requires skill to some extent. 

How to Choose the Best Casino Bonus?

You should know that not all gambling site offers have been created equal. Thus, you have to pay attention prior to settling for an online gambling site. Thus, you have to pay attention to a few things when you decide on a casino bonus. Since there are different types of bonuses and each of them come with their own terms and conditions, you need to take a look in-depth in order to have a clear understanding. 

  • Amount
    Before you jump in to use a bonus, you need to check the bonus amount. There is no harm in looking for a little more. Online slot machines will offer more in terms of payout which makes it easier.
  • Validity
    Look for reasons for which you can play through the bonus amount. There is no sense in allowing a $1000 bonus when it is only valid for less than 24 hours.
  • Percentage
    The online casino makes the bonus appealing to make sure you join the site. They will provide you with a certain percentage of your deposit. Make sure you check the percentage of the money you will be receiving as the bonus.
  • Games
    Before you sign up with any online gambling den, make sure that the game that you would like to gamble on has been included in the bonus. Also, check if the game comes with a good wavering contribution. A good example of this is the slots. 

Advantages of Online Casino Bonus

No matter which casino you visit, they are going to provide you with different bonuses. These offers come with several advantages for the punters. Let’s take a look at these advantages. 

Gives You a Head Start

In case you are inexperienced punters, some bonus offers will give you the head start you need. It will give you the time you need to learn the basics. Offers such as no deposit or free spins create incentives for the new gamblers by truncating the risk of losing cash. 

However, the bonus doesn’t mean that you will be able to win millions without even spending a single penny. 

With these offers, you will be able to play games immediately. This is particularly possible if a site offers no deposit bonus. 

It’s a Great Reward System

Many gambling sites reward loyal users with some unique rewards. For instance, when you are playing a specific number of games, you will receive cash bonuses or free spins. Moreover, you will be able to unlock them whenever you make a deposit. Hence, the more you spend on the games, the better offers you are going to receive. These rewards are an excellent way to keep the punters happy and improve their winning chances. 

In fact, when you play on a regular basis, you will be able to boost your chances and augment the sum of money you can win. These offers create a sense of commitment in the punters and make them stick to one casino. 

Gives You the Chance to Try Out New Games

Online gambling sites provide customers with different games. With a plethora of games on offer, you might have to spend a lot of money to try out all of them. Luckily for you, the online casino bonus got you covered. 

When a gambling site introduces a new game, it usually gives out exclusive bonus offers to the gamblers who want to try them out. This helps in creating a sense of diversity and showcases the possibility that gambling sites have. Playing one game all the time can get boring. So, gambling sites offering a promotional deal on new games can create a sense of excitement. 

Reduces the Chances of Losing Money

Gambling rules are pretty simple. The more funds you spend on betting, the more money you can win. However, it also means that the more money you spend on betting, the more money you are going to lose. This is what makes gambling thrilling to so many people. 

However, the excitement of potential winning doesn’t attract everybody. Some people might just want to try out a few games. Nevertheless, the thought of losing money causes them to take a step backwards. This is when a casino promotional deal can prove to be useful. It will lower the risk and increase your winning chances. 

In order to excel, casinos need enough traffic. This will help them to reach the top. The best way to do that is through online casino bonuses. However, before you take its advantage, make sure you read the terms and conditions.