Andar Bahar

There are gambling games that have originated in the Western world and some which have originated in our Indian subcontinent. If card games like poker, blackjack and others seem too complicated and time-consuming; an Andar Bahar game might be a great option for you. This traditional card game that originated in India is easy to understand and you can play it within a few minutes.

Source and Origin of Andar Bahar

This game originated in Bangalore, in the southern Indian state Karnataka. It is popular in other southern states as well such as in Tamil Nadu where it is called Mankatha. It is a game of chance where the dealer places out a card with face up and the player bets on two piles of cards, one Andar or inside and the other pile called Bahar or outside. The dealer then deals out the cards alternately to the piles till a card appears that matches the initial card. The pile to which the matching card belongs is then the winning pile.

In the 21st century, this easy Indian card game started to appear in different gaming forums. Today it has been adopted by many international gambling domains that cater to Indian customers. That shows that the game has developed in popularity over time.

Ease of Playing the Game

When it comes to traditional card games, many have complicated rules and strategies. Hence, those who are looking for an easy game to unwind with will hesitate to participate in games like blackjack and different poker variants. That is where Andar Bahar online is a game worth playing. You can play it easily, simply by reading up the easy instructions. Game rounds are completed within seconds and you can play as per your convenience. For this reason, the game has picked up in popularity not only on desktop casinos but also on mobile gaming sites.

Software Format of the Game

To get familiar with it, you can try it at different gaming forums for free or in demo mode. Some forums advertise the game as Katti. Here a single deck of cards is used. A dealer will shuffle and deal the cards while players will bet, watch the dealer complete the round and declare the final outcome. You can also play the game with modest wagers, as per your budget preference. For instance, some sites allow you to play the game with a minimum amount of 10 INR. You could also play it with high limits such as 10,000 INR.

In the game software, you will find a table for the game with two boxes, Andar and Bahar. Andar is a box on the left side of the screen while Bahar is a box on the right side. They could also be labelled A and B. When a game round starts, the dealer will pick a card from the card pack lying in front of him. He or she will lay it face up in the table’s middle. The dealer then proceeds to deal out cards to the left and right stacks alternately. There is a method followed as well. For instance, if a middle card is of black suit, the dealer starts to deal with remaining cards from the Andar box. If the middle card turns out to be red, the dealer will deal the cards from Bahar box. He deals till a card appears matching the middle card’s rank.

As a player, you need to predict whether the matching card will fall on Andar or will belong to the Bahar pile. Once a matching card is found the game round ends. If you had wagered on the box which has won you will get paid out. Andar Bahar is a guessing game or game of chance. Players simply need to bet where the matching card will belong to.

For instance, if a game begins with the face-up card value being seven, the dealer will go on placing cards alternately on the two boxes till a card of the same rank seven appears. This is irrespective of the card’s suit.

How Are Payouts Made in Andar Bahar?

There are rules that guide the payment of winnings in this game. For instance, a determining factor is a card that is drawn first and the card that matches it. If the matching card belongs to the same box as that of the first card, the winner gets 90% in the payout. If the matching card is of a different box than where the initial card was, the winner gets 100% payout. Hence, the initial stake is doubled in this case.

It would become clear with an example. If you stake Rs 500 on the game and predict that the matching card will fall in the Bahar box. As per rules of Andar Bahar, if the first card and matching card do belong to Bahar box, you will get paid Rs 1000. However, if the first card is from Andar but the winning card is from the Bahar pile, you get Rs 950. That is your existing stake and an extra 90% as income.

You can place side bets in this game as well. Many sites allow bets on different possibilities that help increase chances of wins and also engage players a lot more.

For instance, some casinos might include bets on rank and suit of middle card. They would also bet on the number of cards that would be dealt before the matching card shows up.

Find a Legal Forum to Gamble on Andar Bahar

There are several Indian and international gaming forums that allow you to play Andar Bahar. Indian sites do not have a license for legal gambling but gamblers can play legally at international betting sites. All you need to do is find a site that offers this game and other casino games of your interest. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Find licensed sites that offer Andar Bahar and accept Indian players as members.
  • Check for their licensing details to ensure the validity of the same. There are several licensing authorities and they list valid licensed casinos on their website for verification.
  • You can then compare the bonuses that casinos have to offer; if you are looking to sign up and how to play Andar Bahar, start by looking for websites that have promos specifically for this game.
  • Check deposit and payment terms to determine a site that has convenient payment options for you.
  • Finally, check customer reviews and testimonials to determine how supportive is on the website; whether players are satisfied with the payouts and customer support service.

How to Register and Get Started?

Once you have decided on a website to sign up for, there are simple steps to follow:

  • Click on ‘Join Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ link which is easy to locate on the home page of any casino domain.
  • Fill up basic information such as name, date of birth, email address; often you need to verify the same.
  • Once your country of residence and age proof is established, most websites make your account operational.
  • You would also need to choose a username and password. Most sites allow you to select INR as your currency of choice.

Once the account is created, you need to make an initial deposit. This is the time when you can make use of any welcome offer that exists. Many sites offer 100% bonus while some offer more than that in multiple deposits. Hence, if you are put in Rs 100 as a minimum deposit at a site, with a 100% welcome bonus, your money becomes Rs 200. In most cases, you are also required to key in the active bonus code. This brings in the bonus money into your account as soon as the minimum deposit is made.

Advantages in Playing Andar Bahar with Bonuses

Bonuses help increase your wagering budget. You will have double or more than the initial deposit money to play when you avail of welcome bonuses. Once you are a member, playing regularly will also bring other perks. For instance, you get cashback offers at live sections. Many casinos offer as much as Rs 4000 as cashback on your losses. This could be a weekly offer. As long as you log in every week and make a certain deposit to play, you can claim the cashback offer which gives back a percentage of the money you wagered and lost.

Experts do caution that you need to check wagering conditions attached to a bonus before you opt for it. As long as the wagering condition is reasonable and doable within the time limit mentioned, it is worth taking up. The bonus money helps players to wager more often and increases chances of wins and profits. Once you reach the minimum limit for payout and wagering terms are satisfied, you can easily withdraw the profit.

The Experience of Playing Live Andar Bahar

In the last few years, the live casino experience has gained in popularity. Initially, it was reserved more for the poker, roulette and blackjack games. Today it has extended to other card games as well such as Andar Bahar. Such games include a real time interactive gaming session with players and the dealer. If you are new to the game, it is best that you try it first with the digital forums. The traditional software will allow you to play the game at your own pace. Once you are familiar with the steps and rules you can then proceed to play it in live sessions.

When you log onto a live casino section, you need to key in your username and password. Most casinos do not allow players to try this section in demo mode. You need to be a registered member to try the game in the live section. Once you are logged in, you would be asked to make a deposit to play. Once there is a minimum amount of deposit in your account, then only can you proceed to participate in a live Andar Bahar game session.

The live session is real time with a dealer conducting the game from a studio where the game is streamed live. The latest game streaming technology makes such gaming experiences smooth and enjoyable, allowing players to enjoy the session as if they were sitting around the card table physically. It is as close a real time experience as it would be if you played at a live land based casino. The audiovisual technology allows players to communicate with the dealer, ask questions. They can also communicate with the other players through a live chat room.

The game sessions are conducted within a time limit. Once a certain number of people are seated around the table, the dealer will begin the game. The dealer will ask players to place their bets, explain the rules and proceed with the game. Once the results are out, players get their wins in their accounts as per their bets. They can then proceed to participate in the next round or opt out.

Play on the Go

One of the main reasons that Andar Bahar is popular is the simplicity of the game. Most sites offer mobile friendly versions as well. You can easily log into your account and play on the go on your smartphone or tablet. As long as you play on a reputed licensed website, you need not worry about wagering on your mobile devices. These sites ensure that payment transactions remain secure and encrypted. As a result, you can simply make your deposits and play on the go. Most mobile sites have amazing live casino platforms as well. That ensures that you can have a fun, interactive gaming experience on your mobile as well.

The Final Word

If you are an Indian gambler looking to wager on the traditional Andar Bahar table game, you are in luck. There are international gambling forums that accept Indians as members. They also allow you to play in your local currency. As a result, you can register at ease, make deposits with INR and wager on Andar Bahar and other easy casino games on the go. At the same time, you are assured of secure payment options, attractive bonuses to play with at these websites.