Baccarat is a popular card game, traditionally introduced along with poker and blackjack games. As the online casino sites emerged, the traditional table games moved to the digital format. Baccarat has been around since the 19th century, having originated in France. It is a game of wit where it is played between two people, the banker and the player. This card game can produce three possible outcomes, depending on each round. These outcomes can be the player having the highest score, banker having highest score and third being a tie. Since global casinos became popular, Macau became the destination for baccarat lovers. That is because the biggest spread in baccarat tables can be found there.

Features of the Game

Every card game has unique features and variants that players need to know about. For instance, it is the rule of first making the deal and then placing a bet. This is one aspect that defines baccarat. Other unique aspects of the game are as follows:

  • Baccarat Table

Versions define how many players would take part in a particular baccarat game. This can vary from 9 to 14. There is a dealer space included as well. No matter how many people are playing, only two hands are dealt with in the cards among the banker and the player. Every player gets their betting niche without individual cards. Each participant gets to tick on thee-bet squares above their placement number on a felt table. These relate to three outcomes possible in any game tie, banker or player.

  • Card Value and Card Dealing

After players place their bets, four cards are laid out on the table. Dealer can pull out any card and position it on Player square. The successive card goes on Banker square. The process is repeated till each square contains two cards. If points on either of the squares of the first two cards are 8 or 9, it is called a natural win. Bets are then paid out accordingly.

On the other hand, if the total is neither 8 nor 9 dealers then draw another card from one hand or more. Winning payout for the player as well as a banker is 1:1. If the winning bet is a tie then payout ratio is 1:8.

Cards go as per face value. However, 10, Jack, Queen and King have zero as their face value. The ace card has 1 as the value in baccarat.

  • House Edge

This is the advantage that casinos have over a player when they play baccarat. Bets on players have a house edge as 1.36% whereas 1.06% is the house edge when it comes to banker bet. If you wager on a tie it increases house edge for players over 14.4%.

  • Baccarat Variants

These are the following:

  • Baccarat Banque: It is the oldest version of baccarat where a dealer is chosen every time around starts. You play the game with three decks of cards. After bets are placed dealer reshuffles cards. Each participant gets three hands with two cards each. Players cannot stake on banco hand as it is only for dealing cards.
  • Punto Banco: Here you play with 6 decks of 52 cards. Players can place bets on banker, player or tie. The banker deals a card each to the bank and player. Once both hands are dealt values help determine whether a third will be drawn or not.
  • Mini Baccarat: You play this version similar to Punto banco but include lower stakes. Here you use eight decks of cards and you play on a small size table, compared to other versions. In this version, the rolls happen quickly which makes it engaging for many players.
  • Chemin de Fer: In this version, players are pitted against each other. Banker keeps the money aside for the best. Each player then announces willingness to place a bet similar to the banker’s stake. This continues till players can touch the amount as staked by the banker. The banker can decline his bet if the bet of players crosses his stake.

Tips on How to Play Baccarat?

Once you have read through the basic rules and versions, you are ready to start playing. Here are some tips to remember to hedge against losses and increase your profits:

  • Go for a banker bet as the house edge is lowest here.
  • You need not opt for side bets or progressive jackpots, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Opt or casinos that have attractive bonus offers and reasonable wagering terms; many also allow you to play with your own money only if you wish to.
  • Choose prudent strategies to keep your trend in the game enjoyable and with a fair amount of wins.
  • Try your hand at different variants which gives you exposure and variety.

Why Try Online Baccarat?

Baccarat online is a game of chance that you can enjoy on the digital forums even without prior know-how. That is because the online casinos provide step by step instructions for all players. All you need to do is form an online account at a legitimate site and make a deposit. You will be guided on placing bets, choosing variants to play and seeing outcomes of the different rounds.

You can play baccarat online in the digital format as well as with the live casino sections. The latter type is similar to playing in real life at casinos opposite live dealers. These games are fast paced and require some familiarity with the game from before. Here are some tips on how to get registered, make a deposit and start playing, using bonus money if available at reasonable wagering terms.

Choose the Best Site for Baccarat for Indian Customers

There are several international casino sites that provide registration options for Indian players. These are legitimate, licensed sites that follow international gambling norms and standards.

  • Start by choosing a site that is known for its extensive range of baccarat games.
  • Check their licenses for validity and confirm the same with authority forums and review sites.
  • Check to see which sites accept Indian players.
  • Research on welcome bonuses and their wagering terms to see which site’s offers are most appealing.
  • Check review forums or customer testimonials to be assured of the ease of making deposits and being able to get support as required from the customer support team.

Legal Aspects

If you are wondering whether it is safe to gamble on baccarat and other casino games in India, it is only so if you register and do it on a licensed platform. While India does not have its own online gambling regulations in place, it does allow many international sites to accept Indian customers. Players from India can register at such sites using their INR currency and avail of bonuses and other offers as well.

How to Play Online Baccarat for Free?

If you wish to practice before you wager real money on the game, you can do so at any of the licensed casino sites. Additionally, there are many educational forums that help newbies to learn about baccarat and other casino games. To be able to play games in demo mode, it is best to register as a newcomer at a licensed gambling site. Steps to do so are simple:

  • Start by finding a sign-up or register link at the site of your choice.
  • Fill up the registration form providing valid details and supporting documentation as required.
  • Once the account is validated, you need to activate the same by making a minimum deposit.
  • Most sites that accept Indians as members also accept the local currency; they also provide convenient and safe payment methods to make your deposit.
  • Once you have activated your account, you can then try any of the baccarat or other games for free.
  • Try the games in the digital section where you get step by step instructions and get to try demo mode at your own pace.

Most sites have AI-enabled learning for beginners. That helps players to figure out how to place bets, when hands are dealt and when round results are announced. Most casinos have user-friendly and intuitive software that helps players to learn and play at the same time. Once you find yourself confident of the rules and versions, you can stake real money on these games as per your convenience.

How to Use Bonuses to Play?

Welcome bonuses are common in most casino sites today. What’s more, they help increase your INR deposit money in your account. The wagering terms are also beneficial to stake a certain number of rounds on the games. This in turn will help you see profits and learn to play the games like a pro. Steps to claim a welcome bonus is as follows:

  • It is usually applicable at the time of making a deposit for the first time.
  • Often there is a bonus code applicable.
  • Welcome offers usually comprise a match-up percentage of bonus money and or free spins on select slot games.
  • Check the wagering terms before you take on a bonus; ensures that the number of times they ask you to wager the bonus would be feasible in the time limit provided.
  • If you wish to use the bonus money mainly on baccarat games, check how much of the bonus can be used here; in many online casinos the bonus money is mainly for slots and a limited percentage for table games.

Besides welcome bonuses, regular members can also avail of other ongoing offers. If you are playing baccarat, you will come across promos that are tailored for such games. These could include cashback or match-up bonuses during the week or weekends.

Can You Earn Money On Online Baccarat?

It is a table game that is high paying and attracts high rollers as well. The main advantage is that this card game has a low casino edge which makes playing this game more rewarding. Indeed, RTP in most baccarat games is 98.94%. Players can bet and win even money, maximum payout being 9:1. The payouts differ as per the versions you play and the type of bet. However, largely it is a profitable game. Hence, even with modest wagers, you can expect to see decent wins in this game.

Features of Playing Live Baccarat

Once you are familiar with online baccarat games, you can proceed to try them live. The live digital platforms are game sessions conducted by a live dealer where the game is conducted live from a recording studio. You will have the same convenience of playing the game but the sessions run faster and in real-time. Hence, proceed to try the live casino games only when you are familiar with the games.

Log on at Scheduled Sessions

The live baccarat session is real-time streaming experiences. They might be scheduled at certain times or there could be live sessions available for attending at any time. This will differ as per the streaming platform and brand that conducts these sessions at casinos.

Once you are logged in and part of a live gaming session, all you need to do is follow the dealer’s instructions. You can also ask your questions directly and get answers in the video session. The baccarat game interface here would be similar to what you try at the different casino sites. The only difference is that players can chat and interact with the dealer. In certain game formats, you can chat with other participants as well.

You can also avail a promo offer to participate in the live games. These consist of match up bonuses valid for the day or for weekends. You could also come across cash back bonuses which help you recover losses that you might incur during the game rounds.

The game sessions are of a scheduled time limit. The dealer will ask the players to place their bets, deal out the hands and then reveal results of the game. Many sessions consist of several rounds. That allows players to practice their hands and try out different strategies.

The Final Word

Today there are a variety of casinos that accept Indian customers. These make it legal for Indians to play on baccarat and other games using their local currency. They also provide a plethora of bonuses to increase wagers for the players to try their hand at their favourite games.