Online Slots

The popularity of the online casino industry is led by the entertainment value of the slots online. Indeed, in the beginning, it was the table games that attracted traditional gamblers. However, the need was felt for simpler and more entertaining gaming solutions to get more people onto the casino websites. For that, video game-like slots proved successful. Today this industry is still riding the wave of success and the slots industry is evolving every day.

What Are Slots?

The original slots meaning was limited to the small openings through which a player could put in coins to run a video game machine. The software versions are gambling games with spinning reels. The reels have symbols as per the overall theme of the game. You randomly place bet and spin reels. When certain symbols line up, prizes are given as per a pattern in which symbols fall on a payline.

Slot games are not new; they have been around since the latter part of the 19th century. Since then they have grown in popularity. The hardware games were more popular then, available in gaming and casino arcades. The mechanical devices loaded games on springs. They were rigged with gears to allow customers to operate and spin the reels. The same mechanism is assured in software programs by a principle called a random number generator. Modern slot games are computer programs that use the random number generation method to determine how the symbols will land on the reels.

Random number generation is a method by which the computer programs design the slots to run on thousands of number sequences. When a player hits the ‘Spin’ button, then the slot game program stops as per the sequence that runs it. Hence, it would lead to a certain combination of symbols landing on reels or activate a bonus feature or sequence.

Slot Machines in the Beginning

Early slot games were easy to understand. The simplest designs were with 3 reels and 10 symbols on each. The odds of landing a particular symbol were 1/10. Hence, the odds of getting a certain symbol on a particular line are 1/10×1/10×1/10. Hence, odds were 1/1000. You can then compare the prize to line up the symbols to chances of hitting a combination and figure out the payback percentage for a machine. If a casino offered a payout ratio of 998 to 1 with 1/1000 chances of winning, it amounts to a small house edge. However, over time they would gain profits.

Software Design of Modern Slots

The programming in modern machines is more complex, though many do mimic the simpler 3 reel game setup as well. The reels and symbols are set up as per a computer program. Games are made with varying techniques that are not limited by reel size.

Symbols and Play Lines

Vintage machine slot games were limited as per their physical size. Hence, they could only have a limited number of symbols on reels as per the physical setup of the machine. Today software programs that run then can have as many as 20 symbols on a reel.

Manufacturers can also adjust the odds of a symbol appearing on the play lines. Some symbols turn up once in 10 spins; others might come up once in 20 or 30 spins. In such a way the software brands can offer larger jackpots to players. At the same time, casinos can also maintain profitability.

Other Features

The modern slot games come with multiple features and accept bets in different denominations. You could play with dollars, quarters, dimes, pennies and nickels. A popular setup is of 25 paylines and 5 reels. Variety of features includes wilds, scatters, bonus games, and progressive jackpots. All this helps to add variety and spice to the games. 

All this has contributed to larger revenue collections. For instance, most US casinos attribute 70% to 80% of the revenue being collected from slot machine games. Today there are many casinos that allow you to register and try slot games for free. Many popular software are available for free demo at different review sites as well. 

Getting Started with Slot Games: What You Need to Know?

These are common games and probably the largest category in most online casinos. You will find hundreds and even thousands of different kinds of slot games in most modern gambling domains. They are popular because you need not have prior experience to spin the reels. At the same time, all of them have a certain visual theme or storyline. Symbols, illustrations, gameplay, and sound effects are based on the same. Online slots are also popular with the fast paced action they provide. You could put the lines spinning in turbo mode or in auto spins. The lines will move uninterrupted and add on winning credits to your account balance at the same time.

Of course, the fun you get with slot machines will not equate to profits. The odds of making money are always less than what casino gains. The built-in return to player percentage indicates what such software program will return for every 100 units that a player bets. It is usually around the average value of 96%. The loss of 4% is calculated over time and is the amount that players lose to the casinos when they wager money on such games.

The main objective in such a game is to line up certain icons or symbols. This in turn provides payouts. Symbols line up when you spin the reels and they, in turn, form certain win combinations. Some symbols will offer higher payout than others. It is mostly determined by the amount of money you wager on the game. It is best that you take up playing slots as a hobby or recreation. They cannot act as an income source. They help casinos make profits and players can foremost hit jackpots once in a while. However modest returns are mostly guaranteed when you wager money on the lines. It is best that you wager money that you can budget for playing purposes.

How to Play?

A slot machine is usually defined by the number of reels you spin. A player needs to spin the reels in demo mode or with money wagers. This brings up similar symbols in horizontal rows. Slots vary in the number of reels, playlines, and symbols on rows. With a higher number of reels as well as symbols on them, players have higher chances for making wins.

Steps to Follow

It is best to try a slot game in demo mode first. Once the software opens up on your screen, you need to click on the spin button. In demo mode, the number of playlines to spin and bets on them are decided in advance. If you are playing for real, you need to wager money as per minimum and maximum wagering range per spin. You can bet as little and as high as you want. You can then press the ‘Spin’ button.

  •         Once you have set the wagering limit and press spin, you will see payout every time 3 or more symbols line up on the horizontal rows; in certain cases it is even fewer.
  •         Payout depends on what kind of symbols line up; it also depends on the amount of money you wager.
  •         In most penny slots, even with small wagers, you will see frequent wins and even Free Spins.
  •         Some symbols activate free games or other bonus rounds. It would be wise to read up the gameplay and paytable before you wager money on the lines. That would also help a player to know what kind of payouts to expect.

How You Can Make Wins with Online Slots? 

Most players find that payouts are large in the short term. That often leads to the illusion that some slot machines are better paying than others. However, as per design of such games, they are designed to allow casinos to make a profit. That should not deter you from playing such games with money. 

In order to decide which game will give good returns, take look at best online slots in terms of their RTP as well as volatility. Games that feature RTP of 96% or higher and have medium volatility are usually good choices for wagering. You might like the theme of a game and wish to spin the reels just the same. Experts would advise that you either put in money for more spins or wager towards the higher limit in games with high volatility. This is especially true when games include jackpots, especially progressive jackpots.

Playing Mobile Slots

The world of software slot games has made them available at the fingertips of players. They need not visit casinos in Las Vegas or even be restricted to desktop computers. Today the same games on your desktop stream on your smartphone or tablet. Many are designed to offer an experience compatible with the smaller screens and varying resolutions. Hence, many slots have different button layouts, spins, and wagering ranges, designed especially for mobile devices.

The modern mobile slots are designed to offer an engaging experience for the players. This is in terms of in game bonuses, gameplay, effects, and jackpots. For instance, if you look at NetEnt, their slots are designed to stream smoothly, often taking up less processing power and internet speed. Hence, you could game while sitting on a train without loss of connectivity. At the same time, there is no less availability of variety in mobile slots. From the three-reel basic designs, you can enjoy basic gameplay as in most Play’n GO slots. 

There are several advantages of playing on mobile. Nowadays there is no need to download apps additionally to play slots or other casino games. Most casino websites have mobile-friendly formats. As a result, you can easily register at a site in order to play your favorite slots for free or with money wagers. The licensed sites make it possible for safe and secure wagering on the go.

Brands to Look Out for

Whether you are playing on a mobile device or on a desktop, you can start by looking at certain classic titles among free online slots. These comprise titles such as Starburst, of NetEnt, Jack Hammer of Micrograming, and Esqueleto Explosivo by Thunderkick, Book of Dead by Play’n GO, and several others. These are some of the many popular and long standing brands in slot games. When you come across any of their older or newer releases, you can be sure of a pleasurable and fair gambling experience. If you are unsure of software, look up the developer’s license details. Nowadays all software providers publish their current licenses. You can easily check license details and other legitimate terms on the directories of licensing authorities.

Make the Most of Casino Bonuses

If you are new to playing slots, especially with money, start by signing up at a legitimate site. Most casinos offer registration for free. They even offer welcome packages such as Free Spins or match up bonus money. This will enable you to start with a decent sum of money or deposit at a website. Most sites offer a nominal deposit amount as requirement to wager on the games. If you take up the welcome offers, all you need to do is stick to their wagering terms. Once you have wagered on a game or variety of games for a certain number of times, you can then withdraw the wins. It is a nice way to start off at a casino site. It also helps you experience gambling on the different slots and see how you can run up your win amounts.


Slot games come of great variety. They offer you a chance to be entertained. You need not think too hard to play these games. Simply wager on the slots as per your budget and experience the gameplays which often turn out to be quite entertaining. Modern online casinos offer a staggering variety of slot games. With immersive visuals, animation and gameplay, they have great entertainment value. There is also the thrill of winning jackpots when you wager often on slot games.