Roulette is a French term denoting a small wheel. It is a game of chance where players bet on numbers or a certain combination of them. These lie in black or red numbered compartments. The roulette wheel is a revolving wheel with a ball that comes to rest in any of the compartments when the wheel is spun in the opposite direction. This game of chance is popular in live as well as online casinos. The simple game strategies here appeal to gamers, especially high rollers. As you play you bet against the house or bank.

Different Variants

Several variants of the game have been introduced over the years. The traditional way that the game was played in casinos can now be enjoyed in digital formats as well. When you log online to play at a casino site, you will come across different variants of the game. These include European, American, and French as the main versions. There are certain differences in the roulette wheel features in these versions as well as novelty in rules for betting.

  • European Roulette: This is a popular variant, often considered the classic format. Here the wheel comprises 37 pockets and zero. If you are a beginner you could start with this version of the game. House edge is also low, about 2.7%. Hence, you have chances of making a profit here. If you try it at an online casino they would provide helpful tips on the kind of bets you can place. They list numbers as hot or old. Also, most casinos also offer results or statistics of previous spins. There are many online casinos that offer this game in a legitimate format for Indian customers. The live casino version is particularly sought out. You will find reputed casinos running roulette casino software of NetEnt, Playtech, Betsoft or Micrograming.
  • American Roulette: This is the second version that is also popular. There is a certain difference in the wheel setup that makes this version easy to identify from the European one. Here you will find 38 pockets where an extra pocket comes with a double zero. The double zero increases house advantage. It becomes 5.26%. Rules are otherwise similar. However, if you place a five-number bet from the beginning it would include 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3. Payout is usually 6 to 1and house edge can be as much as 7.9%. You can try your hand at this version. Many software providers make it interesting with novelty bet features. For instance, NetEnt version offers racetrack bets to be placed on their American roulette wheel game.
  • French Roulette: This version is one with close association with the European variant. The wheel is standard by design and includes single zero. French names for bets are standard here. For instance, odd or even bets are known as Impair or pair. You could also place bets on the first, second or third dozens. They are marked as P12, M12 and D12. Other unique bets that you will come across here are Tiers du Zero or Orphelins. They are the French versions of the racetrack bets.

Another aspect that is novel here is the La Partage rule. It is usually applied during live session games with dealers. If zero comes around, half of the stakes on even money bets are returned. House advantage here is reduced to 1.35%. This is another aspect that makes French roulette an attractive option to wager with real money.

Different Kinds of Bets

The kinds of bets have evolved over time.  If you are new to betting on roulette, looking at the different bet options could be confusing. In general however, the two main categories of bets are inside and outside bets.

  • Outside Bets

They are bets made on the perimeter of the roulette table. They are in groups of colours or numbers such as red or black, odd or even numbers, high or low range. More complicated outside bets are on columns of numbers, on the first, second or third dozen. Bet payouts differ as per the kind of bet you choose. For instance, if you choose the dozen bet types, it pays 2:1. This will help double the bet amount.

  • Inside Bets

These refer to picks that you can make from the inside slots of the roulette wheel.

  • Straight up is one type of inside bet. Here you can pick any of the numbers. If you win the payout is 35:1.
  • Split is another form of an inside bet. Here you bet on the line separating two numbers. These could be ½, 13/16, 25/26 as per the numbers that sit next to the other. The bet is split between these numbers. The win payout ratio is 17:1.
  • Street is a bet on a number within a row of three. For instance, 1, 2, 3 or 7, 8, 9.
  • Corner bets are bets on four numbers. Such numbers need to touch to form a square. For instance, 1,2,4,5 or 16, 17, 19, 20.

Other types of inside bets are five numbers bet, the basket bet or the snake bet. The latter refers to a unique snake pattern that is highlighted across a certain sequence of numbers.

  • Call Bets

These are another category of betting in roulette. They are called so since they are announced instead of putting money on the roulette table.

You might feel confused when you read about the different betting options. However, you need not remember them since most online casinos provide easy step by step guides to all gamblers, especially beginners.

How to Choose an Online Roulette Game?

If you wish to try your hand at this gambling game with real money, it is best to sign up at a legitimate platform. There are several international gambling sites that offer a variety of roulette games. Find one that accepts Indian customers and you are ready to begin. However, to play with money it is best that you register for a member account first.

Getting Started

The process of signing up for a membership account at a licensed gambling site is an easy one. You will easily find the link to sign up or register on the first webpage of any site. Once you click on the same you can become a member with the following steps:

  • Complete the registration form. Ensure that you provide valid identification proof, residence proof and age proof.
  • Once you have filled up the basic details and uploaded supporting documentation, await validation of your account.
  • You would be intimidated by the casino authorities as soon as your account is formed.
  • To activate your account, visit the payment or cashier section and make a minimum deposit as per terms and conditions found on the site.
  • Once your deposit is successfully processed, you can then proceed to play roulette and other casino games.

Avail Welcome Offers

Most casinos make it exciting for new customers to sign up by offering Free Spins and match up the bonus money. Some websites even have separate offers for table games and live sections. If you wish to sign up directly for live casino games, you could avail of exclusive offers for such sections as well. This could differ from one site to another. In most websites, however, the welcome bonus applies across all sections with certain varying terms and conditions.

There are certain advantages if you avail of the welcome offer at a casino:

  • It helps increase your money or get access to try a slot game with Free Spins.
  • Your deposit money is increased by the match up bonus money which increases the money available for wagering on different games.
  • The bonus money comes with wagering terms; if you wish to become familiar with the different roulette games this can be an advantage. The number of times you wager and play the games, the more you become familiar with the rules and strategies.

How to Play Roulette Online?

When you are new to roulette you would want to take time and become familiar with the gaming process. To learn at your own pace it is best to try the digital games first. Once you are familiar with the different bets and methods of play, you can opt for live roulette sessions.

In an online game you will come across different buttons that help run the game and your bets:

  • Spin: Confirm bets and spin wheel.
  • Double and Spin: Double bet placed last and spin wheel.
  • Rebet and Spin: Let the last bet stand and spin the wheel.
  • Double: Double the amount you placed as the last bet.
  • Rebet: Change the kind of bet you wish to place.
  • Clear/Undo: Remove all bets/ remove the last bet you placed.

Basic Strategies

Besides the types of bets, the kind of payouts they provide is also important to know. You can look up a comparative table where the different roulette versions and their odds are listed. That would give you a fair idea of the kind of payout you can expect as per the kind of bet you place.

Summary of the different kinds of bets and their payout ratios are:

  • Red/Black or Odd/Even or Lows/Highs (1–18 or 19 –36): Payout is 1:1.
  • Dozens of Columns: Payouts are 2:1.
  • 6 Numbers (6 Lines): Payout ratio is 5:1.
  • 5 Numbers or Top Line: Payout ratio is 6:1.
  • 4 Numbers or Square: Payout is 8:1.
  • 3 Numbers or Street: Payout ratio is 11:1.
  • 2 Numbers or Split: Payout ratio is 17:1.
  • I Numer or Straight: Payout ratio is 35:1.

The above bets are all outside bets that carry the best odds. They are also low on risk which is ideal for beginners.

Known Strategies for Placing Bets

The following are some strategy terms you will come across in roulette. They can help you decide on how to play the game:

  • Martingale: By this approach, you double your stakes with every loss. The underlying principle is that you place a bet that pays out during even bets. It could be black or red, high or low, odd or even.
  • Three Column Bets: Column bets have payout possibility of 2:1. By this method, you place equal stakes on two out of three columns. You also double up when a spin does not bring about any win.
  • Paroli or Reverse Martingale: The Paroli system is one where the Martingale system is reversed. Here you place a bet of a single column. When the first bet wins double the stake. You keep doubling till you lose after which you return to the original stake again. With such an approach, with three consecutive wins, you will receive yield or return that is seven times the original amount you put on stake.
  • Bond Strategy: The bond system is about spreading bets around a table. Instead of increasing or decreasing stakes, you place the same amount of bet every time. People trust that this approach leads to at least win back two-third of bets in each round.
  • Fibonacci System: In such a sequence you start with 1 and then add the number before it to arrive at the next number. It looks like this: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55 and so on. These numbers at as the betting units for your game. You progress gradually, moving a step forward when you lose a bet and two steps back when you get a win.

Helpful Tips to Play the Game

Besides knowing the popular strategies as mentioned above, keep certain practical tips in mind as you play:

  • Decrease the Size of Your Bets When Funds Decrease: This is a perfect strategy to adopt when you wish to play for a longer time.
  • Set Profit Goal: You could set a profit limit and when that is reached you can quit ensuring that you do not lose your wins.
  • Opt for Outside Bets: Outside bets have better odds than inside ones. Hence it is best to stick to these, especially for those who are not high rollers or are risk-averse.
  • Do Not Bet on Two Zeros: It is best to avoid betting on this slot when playing the American roulette. It will help reduce risks, especially if you are a beginner.

The Final Word   

The above article will help you be equipped with the necessary information for playing online roulette. Ensure that you log in at a licensed gambling domain which accepts Indian customers. Review the exciting promo offers that the casinos have before you register for playing roulette.