Deposit With Astropay Card

What Is AstroPay and How to Deposit by AstroPay in Indian Betting Site?

The brand that is popular and the most used virtual payment system in the world, AstroPay, is not India. AstroPay Card India is slowly and steadily claiming the market with its services that compete with no other brand so far. Because AstroPay Card is the most popular virtual money or pre-paid money service, it has added benefits. For example, because it works anywhere across the globe, you can use it regardless of your location. AstroPay Card supports thousands of online sites and e-commerce platforms.

Its biggest benefit over others is that because of its international appeal, compatibility, safety, and flexibility, people trust it. It is available in several types of currencies depending on which country you want to use it. Because this card is also available in virtual form, you can use it via Apple’s AstroPay Card app from its app store. It also has the app on Google’s Play Store.

So, the way this card works is as follows.

  • It’s just like a credit card or debit card but has international appeal.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals instantly and can be used in existing card-payment options at seller sites.
  • Available in a lot of different currencies including INR, EUR, GBP, RMB, and so on.
  • Because deposits and withdrawals are processed immediately, there are no delays.
  • And, there is no need of disclosing any personal information such as email address, phone number, etc.

Thus, AstroPay Card is at the helm of keeping privacy and confidential information with you till the very last minute. If you do not need to disclose it, you don’t have to. Because of these factors, betting sites in India have been supporting this. And, those that already offer this as a payment option do not need to add it again. Because, AstroPay is now available with INR you can use it for betting at Indian sites, as well as with international casinos, and betting platforms.

How to Get an AstroPay India Card?

Because the whole process relies on safety and privacy, you can do so via the online process. With just 4 simple steps that you can view from their official site, you will have it ready for use. For example, in India, you can use AstroPay Card at 1XBet, Betway Sports, Neteller, and Scoring 11. 

AstroPay allows registering and opening a new account via their website and browser, so no need to download another app and take up space on your smartphone. Because this does not need an app always and uses a card, you do not even need to own a smartphone. In our AstroPay India review, we also focus on making a deposit and opening an account at a betting site in India.

So, to get your account and card from AstroPay, go to their online official website. And, follow the below steps.

  • Register: The first step to get your personal AstroPay account is to register for the same online. Sign Up for the account with your personal details. This will guide you through a form with on-screen instructions. Soon after filling in your details, and a source link to add money to the prepaid card, your account is ready. This completes the activation of your AstroPay Card India account.
  • Select: Here you must choose a product or a card from the list of available options. Because AstroPay is new in India, you might have a different number or fewer options. It also depends on the market. So, you can choose the card you wish to purchase and then you go ahead to the payment method confirmation step.
  • Pay & Add Money: Now that you have a new AstroPay India Account, sign in, and choose your card. Then, the next step is to add money to your prepaid card. Remember that this is similar to using a digital e-wallet, but without sharing any personal details with every website you want to use your wallet. So, with multiple options of payment in INR, you can add money to the card. You can also do a direct bank transfer or cash deposits similar to a bank. This makes AstroPay quite flexible, unlike a digital e-wallet system.
  • Confirmation: The final step in completing the purchase of your AstroPay Card is to receive the email from the company. This will contain the receipt of the purchase and the bill details.

AstroPay India has its own site that is brand new and recently has entered the market. It will take some time to add more vendors and websites that support using AstroPay Cards. In our AstroPay India review we shall also talk about some betting sites, both Indian and external that will allow you to place bets on sports, matches, and casino games.

Online Betting In India with AstroPay Prepaid

The online betting market in India, casinos, and apps that offer games like blackjack, rummy, and so on are slowly becoming popular. Because betting and such games are not illegal in India, there is no law that obstructs these companies from venturing into the mainstream, but the demographics are soon catching up. If you have a smartphone and you have a decent payment gateway for making payments and receive money, you can start your trial as well.

Because most of these betting sites are quite popular, reputed, and authentic in their operations there is no issue in anything. These brands have been in the market for decades with a loyal fan following, fairness of games, and privacy policies that keep your details safe. The most popular sites in India include the following, though the list keeps changing every year.

  • 1XBet
  • BetWinner
  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • RoyalPanda

In fact, AstroPay Card is a payment option in the maximum number of sites that operate in India because AstroPay is an international virtual money payment system. While local payment methods like Paytm, PhonePe have slowly started getting on the list, AstroPay has the maximum number of betting sites under its portfolio. For example, at the time of writing, AstroPay supports 10 betting sites in India, while the other local payment gateways and digital wallets support 3 or 4 in most cases. This adds to the favour of AstroPay because here players get a multitude of options, casinos, and betting sites to choose from.

Further, with so many options you also have a lot of promotions. For example, KTO offers a 100% bonus additional deposit for up to Rs 8000. And, Rizk offers free bets up to INR 5000. These come with ‘No Requirement’ options for turnover and many such lucrative benefits for first-time customers. In India, betting online is far more useful if you already use AstroPay for international betting sites.

How to Deposit Money at Online Betting Sites with AstroPay India Card?

In order to make a deposit at a betting site, there are three steps. First, purchase an AstroPay card. Second, deposit on a betting site. And, third claim your bonus offer because that also adds to your deposit money in your betting site’s account.

  1. Step 1: Buying an AstroPay card is easy and we have already been through the steps above. But, we shall still list a couple of important notes for those who wish for.

From the official site of AstroPay India, you can conveniently pay for your card using India’s local payment methods such as Google Pay, Jio Money, Freecharge, and PhonePe and so on.

Just select the card type when buying, and it starts from as low as INR 70. After making your selection, click on ‘Checkout’. Then the AstroPay Account becomes active, as we have said above, and you need to provide an email address and password for the account here. Finally, your confirmation email comes to congratulate you on the new purchase.

When making your payment for the AstroPay Card, the site lists a ton of payment options and, every time you do so, you can change it, and purchase a new card once the balance in the old one becomes nil or zero. Below is a list of options for payments on AstroPay India’s website.

    • PhonePe
    • UPI
    • Ola Money
    • Airtel
    • Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
    • Jio Money
    • INB or Net Banking
    • Google Pay
    • Freecharge

You need to follow their respective sites for paying via the app or method of your convenience. Once you have deposited the money into your card, you can use it on any betting site. There are over 10 of these at the money that allows betting online in India using INR and for Indian citizens.

  1. Step 2: Once, the card is with you, you move to the next step of the process. Because making a deposit using AstroPay Card, an international prepaid virtual money system, is incredibly easy Indians get way more options for betting online. This means there is a longer list in comparison to local payment methods.

That is, find a suitable betting site where you wish to start playing.

The most important factor to remember here is that despite how many websites you choose to register and deposit money using AstroCard, you never share any of your personal details. So, the site cannot hack your confidential information or sell it for profit. And, also remember that not all betting sites accept AstroPay, but most of them do. And, you also have the benefit of using international betting sites for playing.

Here is a list of sites that allow betting online in India, via AstroPay Card.

  • Betway: It is currently the top provider with a 100% additional bonus and up to INR 8000.
  • Bet365: It is the next with the highest ratings and offers INR 4000 in betting credits.
  • 22Bet: It also offers 100% but up to INR 4000 only.
  • 1XBet
  • BetWinner
  • RoyalPanda
  • KTO
  • 888Sport
  • Rizk
  • SportsBet

In all the above you can use AstroPay and make a deposit. Then, you can use that balance for placing wagers. However, remember that every betting site has its own upper and lower limit on the deposit you can make. For example, some have a minimum deposit limit of INR 500 and a maximum upper limit of INR 20,000. Keep in mind all these details before your register with a betting site.

When you choose an account on a betting tie, go to their ‘Payments’ or ‘Deposits’ section. Then, click on the AstroPay option from the list and then enter the card details. Here, you will also have to select the amount you wish to transfer from your AstroPay Card to the betting site’s account.

Once you do this and confirm the transaction, the money is sent away. It is super fast and secure just like a credit card. The added benefit is that unlike a credit card, it does not automatically transfer recurring fees or the amount to the betting site. It only transfers the amount once when you do it.

  1. Step 3: Claiming your bonus is the final step in this process. Because you already have registered and had a new account with money in it, you are eligible for the welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and we have already provided some examples above. For example, those that say 100% bonus means, if you deposit INR 5000, it will become INR 10,000 in your balance. 1XBet is a superb example of that with an exclusive bonus package like no other.


To give a final takeaway, AstroPay India has recently begun operations of the world-famous and most used virtual money prepaid card. This allows way more betting sites to accept money via deposits than any local gateway at the present. But, the scene is soon changing. AstroPay India via AstroPay Card allows anyone of any age group to withdraw and make deposits without sharing a piece of single confidential information i.e. a mobile number or email address. It is undoubtedly the safest way of spending money online and betting online.