Deposit with Google Pay

How to Deposit with Google Pay in Indian Online Betting Market

Online betting is a rapidly expanding market in today’s online era. Because of the extreme proliferation of mobile phones with high-speed internet connectivity, easy cashless payments, betting sites that allow easy income have grown. The gambling and iGaming market comprises major international betting sites that allow placing bets on sports, matches, slots, a game of cards, roulette, and much more.

Depending on the market and the culture there is always some kind of competition, some kind of guessing game. If you win there is a reward and if you lose, there is a penalty. Shortly after the casino boom in the west, some of the first internet sites came after casinos. Online sports betting first began at casinos and the first site that made it possible was Intertops. In 1996, this was the pioneer of online betting as we know it today. The practice of placing wagers on matches is still a big game in the world and the site is still up and running.

The Indian market and the Asian market as a whole has become the next best destination. With the recent penetration of digital payment gateway systems from big brands like Google, users can now make easy one-click payments in no time. Making a deposit with Google Pay is a breeze. The frustrating time-taking and tedious ways of sending money online are no more. Failure in transactions has become close to null. Because of all these advances, betting in India and developing countries are taking a foothold in 2020.

What Are the Different Types of Betting Options?

For betting online you must start with a good betting site. Fortunately, there are dozens of good websites and brands that operate in India. Because online gambling is not illegal in the country, you can create your account, register, and start testing your luck right now. But, in order to place bets, these sites need you to deposit some money upfront. The betting doesn’t happen on credit and therefore you must first decide a suitable payment method.

Google Pay is a new and popular payment method in India primarily for direct money payments. It does not rely on the traditional e-wallet system for making top-ups and then spending it elsewhere. But, this also means that the merchant or the receiver must also have or support Google Pay. Only if a betting site supports or has an account in Google Pay, they can receive the money you deposit. Then, they can allow you to spend it on placing bets as you wish.

The various betting options you have depend on the type of casinos and games you like. 1XBet, MelBet, BetWinner are some of the big-brand names with the highest reviews. They support a lot of payment options including GooglePay. Because they also offer great promotions, super-fast customer service, and an enhanced gambling experience, the time spent is full of fun.

How Online Betting Works in India

Before you begin playing your favourite games in a casino or online betting site, you must learn about its payment methods. That is, going for the best parts is easy if you know how to play. But payment methods make it fruitful because now you can enjoy the winning amount instantly. If a payment method or a betting site asks for any kind of fees for making transactions or taxes your wins, this can be a downside. Always trust the sites that offer better deals.

You can find several websites that support Indian customers to find best-betting sites, casinos, and information on such topics. It lists useful articles and FAQs for making deposits, using various payment methods, and more. You can find a list of the best betting sites for the year 2020, followed by the best betting sites as per UPI and more info.

These websites focus on helping beginners and new customers in India to learn about this new trend. The guides on choosing the right steps to register with a good bookmaker, legal websites, and get started with online betting as soon as possible and, that too responsibly and safely.

With just a single click you can view a list of all betting sites in India that support making and receiving payments through UPI, the Unified Payments Interface in the country. Today, all payments that use the VPA or Virtual Payment Address system utilized the Govt of India’s BHIM and UPI PIN interface. The OTP is an important authentication process and the mobile number is a crucial piece of information. Below are some of the all-time favourite and highest reviewed betting sites in India.

  • 22Bet
  • LeoVegas
  • Casumo
  • Betway
  • 1XBet
  • Bet365

The guide book in the form of an internet website allows for the best support and process.

How to Add Money in Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payment system that allows users to send and receive money without going to the bank’s website. This is linked directly to their bank accounts and a mobile number. There are several UPI-based mobile payment apps and VPA-based mobile payment platforms which offer great benefits for betting sites. Because of enhanced internet connectivity and speed of transactions they are becoming the popular methods for use. The most trusted payment method as of 2020 in India is Google Pay. This is sort of a surprise considering that there are several apps and payment methods that came before it but it has become a de facto standard for all.

More and more betting sites in India are starting to support Google Pay, and this is good news for all. Google Pay does not only allow making payments to other people but also recharge mobile phones, pay utility bills, recharge your DTH, and more. This is a one-stop portal for all your monthly payment from electricity and water bills to grocery and car shopping. Before we dig deep into the pros and cons of the payment gateway, let us see how to use the same. 

How to Deposit Money Using Google Pay

To add money means making a deposit, and hence we start this subheading for a proper reference. In order to deposit money to a betting site, you need to have their Google Pay’s VPA. Looking for a VPA in Google Pay is simple. If you have the app, you can go to the account section and look for the username. Often this is the VPA.

But, the good news for Indian players is that because there are so many deposit options on betting sites, Google Pay is the simplest of all. So, start with opening a Google Pay account. Here are the steps of how to do it. The best way to access this functionality is through its mobile app. iOS and Android have their respective apps on their Play Store and App Stores. So, download and install it first, and then begin with the following steps.

  • Launch the app by tapping on the Google Pay icon, and then you will be asked to create a new account if it is for the first time. This is simple enough and takes less than 2 minutes.
  • When you are setting up a new account, you must enter some personal credentials like name, email address, and mobile number; these are used as authentication IDs on the pan-India database of banking personals.

When the Google Pay account is all set up, you will receive a new email and confirmation of the same. But, before you can use this new Google Pay account to make a deposit at your favourite online betting site, you must link a bank account, because this bank account has the money in it, the balance. When the payment is made, the balance is debit from your bank account and transferred to the betting site’s account.

So, we move to the next set of steps for linking a bank account to make a deposit.

How to Link a Bank Account in Google Pay

Online betting sites need you to create an account and register with them. Many offer new customers bonus packages and promotions offered with funds like Rs 500, 1000 to begin playing. But, there are some constraints such as entering your payment information or payment method and verifying the same. This is done for security purposes and to remove fake accounts.

Secondly, some betting sites only allow you to place a bet and receive the bonus offer after you link a payment method to the site, and make a minimum deposit. For example, Bet365 offers a welcome package of Rs 4000; BetWinner and 1XBet require a minimum deposit of Rs 1000, and a maximum limit of Rs 20,000. Both of these also offer a 100% refund welcome package, which means that they will give you 100% of what you deposit.

Thus, in order to avail all these offers, first link the bank account by following the below steps.

  • Click to open the Google Pay app, and click on your name. This is always present on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Then, click on “Add a Bank Account”. You can add as many accounts as possible without any problems. Then, choose the type of bank and name of the bank from the long list of items.
  • Then, a message appears on the screen and asks you to proceed by clicking on “Ok”. This is soon followed by an SMS from Google Pay to your registered mobile number you submitted when creating an account above. This process automatically fetches all your bank accounts with this number.
  • Finally, enter a UPI PIN and create a new one if it’s for the first time. You must use this UPI PIN every time you make a transaction.

So, sending money is now possible with just a click because you are all set up with the activation of a Google Pay account.

Deposit Money on Online Betting Sites Using Google Pay

There are more than a dozen betting sites that support Google Pay natively for payments. 1XBet is one of the most popular. Because Google Pay is based on UPI, it allows safe and reliable transactions. It also allows for UPI Payments and NetBanking. You can send money using IFSC Code and other details, but also using just the phone number in cash mode.

  • First, log into a betting site such as 1XBet. Then, navigate to their payment methods. G to Deposit Menu, and select Google Pay.
  • Then, a pop will appear that will ask you to share the Google Pay mobile number. Then, the name and email address.
  • Finally, confirm when it asks for the same, and you will see the payment details for the transfer of the fund in the Google Pay app. These details will be sent to your app straight.
  • Keeping the above tab and app open, go, and open or launch the Google Pay app. Here you will notice new payment information available at the bottom. To transfer the desired amount to the betting site such as 1XBet, click on the same, and enter the UPI PIN, and confirm the transaction.

Once all the above steps are completed, the money is deposited to your 1XBet’s online account, for example. So, now players can use this for placing wagers on a variety of casino games and sports that are available on this site.


To use Google Pay, one must understand the concept of adding money to the account. Only then you can make a deposit or transfer money to a betting site’s account. Several things pop up in mind when thinking of making payments using Google Pay, because the platform might be completely new for some. For example, how fast is it? What if I encounter a transaction failure? Google Pay addresses all these issues and is the best method for online betting in India.