Deposit with Phonepe

How to Do an Easy Deposit with PhonePe in Any Indian Betting Site?

PhonePe is India’s leading payments app for making cashless payments super easy. Read our complete guide on making deposits and betting with PhonePe.

A digital wallet that has revolutionized the payment methods for average Indians, PhonePe is just 5 years old. This platform went live in 2016 after the demonetization dilemma and sought to take advantage of the situation. It is a part of the largest e-commerce site of India, Flipkart, and caters to everyone with a banking system in India. Thus, the application allows easy integration with most payment methods that you can use for betting in India such as Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, BHIM, etc.

Hugely popular payment service

Because of this, it allows a single-point entry and exit. Most betting sites today allow making deposits and even withdrawals using PhonePe in India. This is because the Indian market uses other modes of payment than the rest of the world so stuff like Visa, American Express, or Bitcoins are not that popular. Also, because of the widespread use of PhonePe, it is easier to simply make it available.

How PhonePe Online Works?

Because of its unified interface called the UPI, you can pay utility bills, phone recharges, and a lot more. Thus, for a betting site, if you use the same platform, you do not have to use or rely on something else. As PhonePe works via peer-to-peer connectivity, depositing money to a leading betting site such as 1XBet, Casumo, Bet365 is completely secure and reliable.

Using PhonePe as a digital wallet payment method does not require users to deal with the inconvenience and safety issues. We shall list two important features of PhonePe here that help make betting on these sites easy and secure.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Convenience: Because PhonePe makes payments cashless and card-free, you do not have to remember the big numbers and so many details each time you make payment. On a betting site, you do not need to store all this information or enter them. This makes it a more convenient mode of payment.
  2. Security: PhonePe uses your phone number for VPA. Because of that, it foregoes the need for users to share their confidential credit card numbers with the betting company. This is a huge benefit because now there is no worry about any type of misuse of the stored credit card information at some website. This means no worry about hacks or disclosing of credentials to malicious hackers.

Thus, the mode of operation of PhonePe that helps to make direct transfers makes it secure. Without introducing the lengthy and often tedious payment methods like NetBanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc. users do not need to worry about hacks of data from betting sites. Users do not need to worry about failed transactions, multiple redirections from the site to the bank’s website, to the payment gateway’s website. The whole process is lightning fast and reliable. Most of the big-brand betting sites in India such as 10 Cric, 1XBet, etc support PhonePe. So, let us see how to make a deposit on a betting site using PhonePe, and also understand a bit about how to use PhonePe.

Know these before Deposit with PhonePe on a Betting Site

Several betting sites require several types of interfaces. But, because the mode of payment is the same, you shall find the familiar PhonePe interface after you pass the initial steps. First, making a deposit using PhonePe on any major betting site in India is free. Below are some facts about the same.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. No betting site asks for a processing fee for adding PhonePe as a payment method. Usually, this is instantaneous because the platform does not require you to add bank accounts, make use of IFSC code, etc. In some cases due to overload, it may take up to 3 hrs. But, that is an exception, not a rule.
  2. Always remember that betting sites in India do not ask users any transfer fee for making a deposit. Because the deposit is online and within the country, there is no charge for making transactions.
  3. But, there are always two things to keep in mind. Each betting site has its own limits on the transfers. That is, they have a minimum deposit limit and a maximum deposit limit. For example, it may vary between Rs 500 on the lower end to as high as Rs 20,000 on the higher end.

If you note down the above three things before registering with a betting site, then you are good to go. For a PhonePe register, you have to do it on the app’s official website only because the betting sites do not offer this. For PhonePe online inquiries and PhonePe register queries, you must also check with the platform’s customer support. Betting sites only act as an additional vendor where this payment digital wallet is supported for convenience. They do not have any affiliation or endorsement from the brand, PhonePe, in this context.

Opening a PhonePe Account

Before starting your journey on a betting site, you need to head to PhonePe and create a new account. Because this is a critical step and cannot be done at a betting site’s website, follow the official process described at PhonePe.

You can do so via the PhonePe app on our mobile phone. Unlike other digital wallets like Paytm, this does not have a web app for those without a smartphone. Because making payments needs a smartphone app, you must have one with a valid SIM card.

Step-by-step guide

  • First, download the app from your respective app store. That is, Play Store if you use an Android phone and App Store if you use an Apple device. With a decent internet connection, it is a breeze to downloading and installing the app.
  • Next, you shall begin the PhonePe register step. This is what we call opening a new account. To use PhonePe online a decent internet connection is required, even when creating the account. There are several steps to follow for the same.
  1. Verification of your phone number. This is the first step in PhonePe registration. Please ensure that the mobile number is the one registered with the bank account you are going to add with PhonePe.
  2. Then, fill in your personal details and credentials. This will take you to another page and then you can find the button “Activate Account”.
  3. The next step is important because here you create your Virtual Payment Address or the VPA. This is your unique “Username” for the account. You shall use this to send and receive money with PhonePe online.
  4. Finally, you have to link the bank account that is registered with the mobile number you provided earlier. PhonePe will automatically fetch the details linked with the mobile number from an all-India database.

This is followed by an additional setup if you have not completed it before. You must create a BHIM UPI PIN for your bank’s account number. To do this, you have to enter the bank’s ATM card’s number and other details. This will send an OTP to the mobile number and your PhonePe account is now set for use. Log into any betting site, and you can use this PIN and VPA for withdrawals and deposits.

How to Add Money in PhonePe and Make Payments?

Before you can make payments to a betting site you must add money to your account. When you have linked the bank account, this process takes care of the money. The balance in the bank account automatically acts as the balance in PhonePe. In this digital wallet, you do not need to top it up with the money.

To deposit money with PhonePe at your favourite betting site, first look for the payment section. Most of the big-brand betting sites like 1XBet etc. allow 5 ways to do so.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Direct: In this case, a user can use the direct Debit Card and UPI to transfer money directly from your bank to another bank. This uses the BHIM UPI service which is mandatory as per the government rule. It is there that the step is transparent.
  2. Debit Card or Credit Cards: This is another big way to directly make a deposit. But, as we had listed above there are several concerns regarding this method. PhonePe helps exclude this step. When you select this option, you get a list of all card types that the site supports. Then, you must choose the bank if available and finally start entering all the details like the card number, expiry date, CVV number, and so on. It follows quickly with an OTP authentication and a redirection to the respective bank’s site. When the entire process is complete, you come back to the merchant site.
  3. Third-Party External Wallets: Another quite popular trend that people use with betting sites in India is to make use of external wallets, digital e-wallets for safety. PhonePe has also rolled out similar services in partnership with external third-party wallets like FreeCharge, Airtel, JioMoney, and so on. These wallets have additional apps and features. You must have your account and registrations with these wallets as well, in addition to PhonePe. So, if you are looking for convenience on betting sites, use PhonePe directly.
  4. PhonePe Gift Card: The era of gift cards is rising soon and with Amazon, Flipkart, etc. you now have PhonePe gift cards as well. Betting sites support Gift Card payments on PhonePe for all your shopping needs. Any gift vouchers between Rs 100 and Rs 10,000 are available for use at the betting sites.
  5. PhonePe Digital Wallet: Now eWallet is not the same as using third-party external wallets. If wondering if PhonePe is safe, then look no further. Use the direct e-wallet to store cash and money. Top it up from your bank account using UPI, credit cards, debit cards, and so on. PhonePe wallet supports a variety of methods.

In any case, betting sites are abundant with these payment options because it helps Indians feel right at home. Using any of the services, you can deposit your money, and start playing and placing bets.

Is PhonePe Safe for Use on Betting Sites?

If you wish to talk about safety, online payments are always in some trouble. There can be failures during transactions, server down issues, and more. But, constantly payment gateways are evolving to offer checks and records such that any unwanted transfer, failure is rolled back. For example, if there is a transaction on your bank account and the money is debited, but it shows failure, the customary service is initiated. In this process, the customer or the payer gets back the amount within 2 to 3 banking days.

Is PhonePe secure?

To make it clear, safety is an important parameter of PhonePe and any modern transaction system. Betting sites always keep their payment gateways under strong SSL and HTTPS security on the website. Because of this, hacking and snooping is not a possibility. Yet, if you worry about these attempts, it is best to use digital eWallets like PhonePe than using your credit card or debit card info on the merchant sites. Do not save and store them on these websites because they are prone to leaks or hacks.


To summarise, PhonePe is a digital payment gateway with an additional e-wallet system as well. Because of this, it can add your bank accounts and offer you a VPA using a BHIM UPI PIN. This VPA is your address to send and receive money using PhonePe online. But, you can also use its own service of e-wallets like the top-up system. Betting sites in India support PhonePe natively so that you do not have to look for third-party apps for transferring money. Using PhonePe is fast, easy, and convenient. It is also safe and reliable in comparison to any other indirect method, as well as less prone to transaction failure.