The Best Strategies to Make Money Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack, like other card games, needs players to use consistent strategies in order to make money from such game sessions. It is possible, with the right strategies in place, to see winnings in blackjack, especially in the long run. For instance, poker players who play through the year see profits from 5% to 10%. Hence, any player seeking to make money from blackjack needs to know that the casinos have a house edge between 10 to 5% in general.

House Edge in Blackjack

In general, the house edge determines the amount of money that a casino keeps when a player wagers real money on a game. Casinos can expect to retain 5% of every INR 100 that customers bet. However, this average figure is accurate only when the games go through several rounds. Hence, if a player plays INR 100 for every hand and plays a total of 50 hands, the casino can expect to keep profits of INR 250 from the player. Hence, in a single session of gaming or a single trip to a casino can get players ahead or help them see profits. Over time, as one plays enough hands, the Law of Large Numbers comes through in the earnings pattern.

Busting and Other Outcomes

Casinos acquire an edge in blackjack by making a player play their hand first. Those who are familiar with the game and its basic rules will know that if the cards total 22 or higher, it is an instant loss incurred. This is known as busting.

There are several features of blackjack that make it interesting and lucrative as a casino game:

  • Composition of card deck changes with the play sessions.
  • When the dealer shuffles and makes the cards random, you often end up with decks that have more of certain cards than others.
  • The natural outcome in blackjack is 21 which should be the sum of two the values of two cards; in such a case you get paid 3:2.
  • When a fresh deck is used, the house edge is usually 0.5% to 1%.
  • If a deck of cards has the high distribution of 10s and aces, these cards can help to make a total of 21 which gives an edge to the player; in such a situation if you raise bet sizes, you have a mathematical edge over the gambling domain.

Hence, the strategy to make the most money from blackjack online games is to raise bet sizes when the situation is conducive for the same.

Situations and the Right Strategies to Use

There are certain situations that you can face in a blackjack online session and if you choose the right mathematical strategy then it can provide the highest expected value in each such situation.

Possible situations are as per the face-up card that a dealer provides. These can be considered as situations. For instance:

  • 10 (of any suit)
  • Ace
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2

Any of these possible values of the face-up cards of a dealer will help you plan your strategy accordingly. The other aspect to consider is the cards and the values you hold in your hand. For instance, A2 translates to a soft 13 while A3 translates to a soft 14. With an ace in hand, you have what is described as a soft total. Since an Ace counts as 11, A4 translates to soft 15; A6 translates to soft 17 and so forth.

Hard Totals

Hard totals refer to totals where neither card you hold is an ace. As per standard playing strategy for blackjack, you need to hit when you have a hard 8 or less in your hand. Hard 9, 10 and up to 20 are considered the same in value or outcome. 

Players also have the option to split pairs. You need to account for the possible pairs you might land with such as:

  • A-A
  • 3-3
  • 2-2
  • 5-5
  • 4-4
  • 6-6
  • 7-7
  • 9-9
  • 8-8 and so forth

Hence, you could land up with 30 different hand combinations which play against ten types of dealer’s hands. Many such hands can be ignored. For instance, you take a stand when you have a hard 17 or cards of higher value. You would also take a stand when it is a hard 19 or when your hand is a hard 20.

Again, the dealer’s total matters as per whether it is higher or it is lower. For instance, if the dealer shows 6 or lower then you stand with numbers like 13, 14 or at 15. You only need to remember decision points for the three hands, that in your hand and the face-up card of the dealer.

How to Make Money Playing Online Sessions?

With the above points in mind, here are some tips on how to make the most of real money blackjack gambling sessions:

  • Opt to play rounds as much as your budget allows.
  • If there is bonus money with a generous wagering policy, you can take that up to increase your budget on bets.
  • Opt for practice or demo sessions in the game till you are familiar with the different situations and what strategy to take every time.
  • As per the situation, you can raise your bet to increase your payout in case of a win.
  • Check RTP of a blackjack game and the rules they include before you decide to wager real money on the same.

Many online casinos make blackjack games interesting by including the basic and different variants in the live casino section. Here players can have a live, interactive gaming experience opposite a dealer and other players. Those who have memorised the basic strategies can opt to play in these sessions. They run live and real-time, requiring players to place bets and take decisions as per the hands dealt. Hence, those who are experienced in the game can gamble in these swift rounds and play several rounds in an hour.


The above points highlight the strategies and advantages that players can get by gambling real money on a blackjack game. With time players get familiar with the strategies and they can take better bet decisions. This can help them make the most wins in the game, especially in the long run.

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